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The F-16 Simulator Arrives The top picture on the right shows Frank and Rolando unpacking the F-16 aircraft cockpit simulator. The center picture is a view of the cockpit and the bottom picture is a view of Rolando taking the simulator for a spin. The simulator is setup and on display at The Veterans Tribute and Museum in Kissimmee, Florida.

Well finally, I think the battle is over for our new location for the Museum. I will try to summarize what I think has happened. We will be relocating to Osceola Heritage Park in the building currently occupied by the Convention Visitor Bureau (CVB),currently this will provide us with just over 8000 sq ft of space with the possibility of expansion in the future. two thing have to happen before the move takes place, the new location for the CVB will have to be prepared and then repairs will have to be accomplished to the building we are moving into. Over the next several weeks we will be confering with the powers to be as to when this will happen. The original plan was that the county would in the 2010-2011 FY provide us with $700K for renovations and $250K setup fees, with the provision that they would also provide us with up to 250K in matching funds, in the future the County would provide us with up to 800K for future expansion plus the 250K matching funds. What we lost yesterday was we will receive no operating funds and what we had gained will be reduced to support the Center for the Arts (what the final finance plan will be is to be determined). I hope to have all of the details by our meeting on the 14th. I urge everyone who can attend to please do so, this is what we wanted, now that it is here, the fight has just begun. We now have to make this work and prove that what we have been stating about how great this Museum will be is true. More information will be forthcoming in the next few days and weeks as the details are worked out. Thanks for your support in the past and be prepared to roll up your sleeves for the work ahead of us.

The F-16 Simulator